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Ware Mechanical is a heating and air conditioning sales and service company providing installation and service for residential, commercial, and industrial customers in the Rome and Northwest Georgia area.





Important Info about Your HVAC Warranty


Did YOU know???

The WARRANTY on HVAC /Conditioned Air Equipment installed by an UNLICENSED PERSON may NOT be honored by the manufacturer!

According to the Conditioned Air Association of Georgia..."There are a number of HVAC equipment manufacturers who specifically state in their warranties that the warranty is VOID if not installed and serviced by a licensed contractor."

Don't be caught unaware when facing your next service or repair!

View full article from Conditioned Air Association of Georgia

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**New GPS System!**

We are proud to be a certified Global Plasma Systems (GPS) provider. GPS is a manufacturer of air purification systems that control odors and germs within your HVAC system. A cost-effective GPS cold plasma system doesn't require replacement parts and does not produce ozone. It's been lab tested and proven to kill up to 99.9% of MRSA, Staph, E Coli, C Diff, and TB germs in the space on on surfaces within 15 minutes of operation!

See what a GPS system can do for you!


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